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September 26, 2002 11:52


Since December 21, 1998, the office lamp has shone brightly. Over 1 million times it has been turned on and off. And yet, in spite of all that abuse, it has NEVER burned out.

Until today.

Today I had to unscrew the very dusty bulb and replace it. So though the lamp still shines, remember that its a new dawn, and a once proud bulb has retired forever.



September 23, 2002 07:58

So I wake up this morning at the normal time and notice my house is quite a bit more active than it typically is at that time of the morning. So I stumble in here and discover that Steve & DC, a morning radio show carried by a LOT of stations decided to plug my site, as well as WKYM and a station in England.

And so it continues.


TechTV Rerun

September 22, 2002 10:55

Techtv did their rerun today of the show that featured my site. So I'm getting hit all over again.

And of course, the forums are poping up like mad. I'm gonna list some of them for fun.;action=display;threadid=677;act=ST;f=1;t=605

That is all


More Radio

September 19, 2002 16:39

Two more radio stations. 99.5 WTKW in Syracuse, NY, and another in Iowa. The one in Iowa I am talking with tomorrow at 7:30 am CST.

No calls back from Clear Channel, and when I called the number, the receptionist had no idea who might have called, so we'll have to try again.


Be Prepared

September 18, 2002 23:01

Ok. So I come home today, and upon my caller ID I see a lot of phone calls from someone. Guess who it might be? Clear Channel. Now, I don't know what exactly it is they want, but they called about 4 times, so I imagine it wasn't just a wrong number. And, despite whatever becomes of it, I doubt that their mission is to send me LESS traffic.

So any wild fantasies of this slowing down anytime soon can be safely disregarded.



September 18, 2002 09:52

I seriously feel that I've hit the threashold. I'm past the point where my bandwidth will ever return to the normal dribble that it once was. Two more radio stations have featured me now. The Buzz in houston, TX and at least one radio station in London. So far, that makes 8 radio stations and one TV show. Humble though I might be, that's mighty good for someone that has no life, so some people say. :)

Yester I was also linked by b3ta which was the largest site of the day, although not the largest ever, it still swamped my connection. The day before I was a Daily Yahoo Pick so when it came time for me to get on the radio last night, the site was so swamped, they could barely verify its existance, let alone its functionality.

I've talked with my ISP about getting more bandwidth. As far as DSL goes, I'm maxed out for what I can get with a single line, and there seem to be restrictions as far as getting more than one line per residence go, and the next step up is a T1 which is significantly more expensive, without much improvement in bandwidth, but I'm continuing to review my options.

I'm starting to consider potential revenue sources now. When I was dribbling a max of 1000 visitors a day, it made no sense. However, I haven't had a hit count below 10000 a day for over a week now, and if this continues, finding sponsorship of some sort, or selling merchandice or other products might make sense. I have no interest in banner or popup ads. Not only do they not pay enough to be worthwhile, but they clutter up the page and I need all the room I can get. However, if a company was willing to sponsor me, especially someone home automation related, I'm sure I've inspired a few people to purchase consumer level home automation equipment...

Another good side to all these hits, I'm finding many bottlenecks in my programs that were invisible when the hits were low, but show up bigtime when the hits are plentiful. Many changes in place right now already, and more to come to take care of these problems as they show up.

That is all.


First Radio Call-in

September 16, 2002 19:48

Indeed. The first time I ever EVER talked on a public radio station. Actually, they called me. 99.9 KTYD in Santa Barbara, CA. I was shaking quite a bit, but I managed to keep my stuttering down to minimum. It had to be the coolest thing though. Every couple minutes Matt McAllister would say "And we're talking with Paul Mathis from". That was a little freaky. I ponder for a moment how many thousands of people are probably listening to me talk. But it wasn't nearly as weird as I thought it would be. Public speaking, on a massive scale, and it barely registered with me.. That's a first. The second is tomorrow with Michigan Talk Radio at 4:20pm CST.

I was also told that KPUR in Amarillo plugged my site for me, although I haven't confirmed it yet. If so, shouts out to them. If not, well... maybe they'll plug it someday, and shouts out to them anyway. :)


Weird Feelings

September 15, 2002 21:07

My ex girlfriend dropped by today for a few minutes, to visit while on her way home from elsewhere, and to pick up some stuff she left from the last time she visited. Everything was cool, nothing was awkward. We chatted for about 30 minutes, then she left. And as she was driving away, that's when it happened. I suddenly felt empty inside. I have NO idea why. Nothing has changed. I wasn't sad to see her go, I didn't really want her to stay. I figure, that for all the problems we had, our relationship filled an empty gap in my life. We broke up, leaving that gap open, but I wasn't concerned at the time about keeping it filled. I suppose today, walking back inside after watching her drive off, I felt the emptiness. I suddenly realized that I was alone. Not lonely, just... alone. I still have no desire to date. I had no desire to have her back. I don't really desire anything. I just felt really weird for about 15 minutes.

But life goes on. And while I was pondering that feeling, I suppose I felt that my life wasn't really going anywhere. I managed to hide that fact from myself, but its true. I have things I need to be doing. And I'm simply not doing them. No time like the present I suppose.

But anyways, enough ranting about that.



September 14, 2002 14:17

Ok, on the date that techtv featured me, I got 9561 visitors. Most of those after 6:30 pm when they handed out the URL to the world. The NEXT day was even bigger, a grand 13520 visitors. What a rush. :)

I've made some recordings of the show and posted them on the downloads page. Just realmedia for now. I might record some other formats later.

And because I've been busy, I've been severely neglecting the googlesnacks, so here you go:

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In a word.... WOW!!!!!

September 13, 2002 10:17

As everyone surely knows by now, The Screensavers show on TechTV featured my site as the site of the nite. While the hits had been pretty steady all day long, when the show started, they increased to one hit per second, and slowly increased up to 3 hits per second until the moment they announced the URL on the show. At that point, 20 hits per second would be a conservative estimate. The logs were tailing faster than I could watch, the load on the server immediately shot up to 51, the controlling server ran into some typical snafu's, most of which I was expecting. Definitely time to redesign some things. However, the site stayed up, even if it was somewhat slow and unresponsive. IRC continued to work well, so although people couldn't watch, at leasst they could chat.

I finally got to see the show today, and I was quite impressed. I've already gotten an offer for an interview on a radio station in California which I will take up assuming they respond back to me.

Of course, still lots of hits coming in, and lots of smaller sites have linked to me now too, so those will continue to bring hits in pretty heavy amounts for the next few days. Hopefully no HUGE sites link to me in the next few days until this madness has a chance to cool off a bit.