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This page provides news and pictures with regards to my house. I purchased the house in October 2004, a 1916 fixer-upper that needed a lot of fixing-upping, and still does to some extent.


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10/25/04 First photos of the house after purchasing it. Tore up the carpet, tore into the hallway walls, set up my computer, starting building the trash pile.
10/26/04 Tearing down the upstairs bathroom walls.
10/27/04 Finishing up tearing out the upstairs bathroom.
11/01/04 Hauling up my stuff from storage, taking down doors.
11/03/04 Ripping up bathroom floor
11/10/04 Crawling under house.
11/23/04 Tearing out wall between upstairs bedrooms.
12/04/04 Gertie's first visit since work began.
12/08/04 Tearing out downstairs walls, taking down the old ventstack, purchasing attic ladder and nailgun.
12/13/04 Hanging the attic ladder and work starting on the attic.
12/14/04 Finishing the attic ladder.
12/16/04 Starting the rewiring process.
12/20/04 Putting down joists and plywood flooring in the attic.
12/28/04 Aftermath of the plumbing disaster, putting in outlet boxes.
12/30/04 Tearing out downstairs bathroom.
01/04/05 Digging the trench. Digging up the old pipe.
01/12/05 Flooring and drain pipes in the upstairs bathroom.
01/14/05 More drainpipe work and excavated sewer line.
01/19/05 Completed trench and laying out the new swer line. Finishing up the drainpipes.
01/21/05 Soldering the new cutoff to the pipe from the street. Plugging the new drainpipe into the old clay pipe that runs to the sewer. Glueing up the pipes.
01/23/05 Filling in the trench. Scoping out the neighborhood.
01/24/05 Putting in the main stack.
01/26/05 Starting work on the copper.
01/28/05 Sweating the copper pipes upstairs, tearing down walls in the dining room.
02/03/05 Tearing down the dining room, load to the dump.
02/04/05 Finishing upstairs copper, new water heater.
02/07/05 New water heater in it's place, copper downstairs.
02/20/05 All copper complete, siding removed from one side of the house, framing in the bathroom window.
02/21/05 Insulating the copper. Floor down in the bathroom.
02/25/05 Framing the shower stall.
02/28/05 Framing the rest of the bathroom. Placement of the fixtures.
03/04/05 Wiring and insulating.
03/07/05 Finished insulation, ceiling cementboard in the shower, purchased door for the bathroom and other supplies.
03/11/05 Gertie's visit to the house. Tearing down upstairs drywall.
03/14/05 Starting drywall in the bathroom.
03/16/05 More drywalling in the bathroom
03/19/05 Cleanup
03/24/05 Shower pan installed and floor tiled.
03/31/05 Vanity, toilet, and medicine cabinet installed
04/07/05 Cementboard in the shower complete.
04/12/05 Started tiling the shower.
04/13/05 Finished tiling the shower.
04/14/05 Grouting the shower.
04/16/05 Shower head and knobs installed.
05/12/05 Tearing into the downstairs walls. Gas line installed.
05/16/05 Chimney removed. More tearing into walls downstairs. Water heater stack.
05/24/05 Downstairs support wall framed.
06/16/05 Upstairs wall framed, moving more stuff over, new electric post installed, some lightning shots.
06/27/05 New windows and doors installed in the upstairs bedrooms.
07/09/05 Insulating the dividing wall and drywalling Tif's room
07/11/05 Dustec's gift. Temporary kitchen sink.
07/12/05 Plumbing the temporary sink.
07/15/05 Priming the walls in Tif's room.
07/17/05 Finishing priming Tif's room, drywall board going up in the master bedroom.
07/22/05 Anabelle-Bob's first visit to the house.
08/11/05 Work on the master bedroom, furniture in tif's room.
01/02/06 Pictures from the last several months.
01/08/06 Showing off Marjorie's room, pics of the cat, patched floor in the living room, and started on kitchen cabinets.
03/13/06 Showing completed furrdowns, under cabinet lights, and the spring cleaning process.
03/25/06 Showing the installed central heat/AC unit and ductwork, the living room pillars, and the central furrdown frame.
08/02/06 A few miscellanious things at the end of the first permit period.
11/24/06 Working on external trim on the house.
08/01/07 Starting the remodel of the kitchen.
08/17/07 More work on the kitchen.
08/25/07 Drywall up in the kitchen.
09/05/07 Work on the shed and mudding and texture done in the kitchen.
09/07/07 More work on the shed.
09/21/07 Even More work on the shed.

Trip to the Surplus Store
Trip to the Salvage Yard
Pictures taken at night by light of a flashlight