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September 18, 2002 09:52

I seriously feel that I've hit the threashold. I'm past the point where my bandwidth will ever return to the normal dribble that it once was. Two more radio stations have featured me now. The Buzz in houston, TX and at least one radio station in London. So far, that makes 8 radio stations and one TV show. Humble though I might be, that's mighty good for someone that has no life, so some people say. :)

Yester I was also linked by b3ta which was the largest site of the day, although not the largest ever, it still swamped my connection. The day before I was a Daily Yahoo Pick so when it came time for me to get on the radio last night, the site was so swamped, they could barely verify its existance, let alone its functionality.

I've talked with my ISP about getting more bandwidth. As far as DSL goes, I'm maxed out for what I can get with a single line, and there seem to be restrictions as far as getting more than one line per residence go, and the next step up is a T1 which is significantly more expensive, without much improvement in bandwidth, but I'm continuing to review my options.

I'm starting to consider potential revenue sources now. When I was dribbling a max of 1000 visitors a day, it made no sense. However, I haven't had a hit count below 10000 a day for over a week now, and if this continues, finding sponsorship of some sort, or selling merchandice or other products might make sense. I have no interest in banner or popup ads. Not only do they not pay enough to be worthwhile, but they clutter up the page and I need all the room I can get. However, if a company was willing to sponsor me, especially someone home automation related, I'm sure I've inspired a few people to purchase consumer level home automation equipment...

Another good side to all these hits, I'm finding many bottlenecks in my programs that were invisible when the hits were low, but show up bigtime when the hits are plentiful. Many changes in place right now already, and more to come to take care of these problems as they show up.

That is all.