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First Radio Call-in

September 16, 2002 19:48

Indeed. The first time I ever EVER talked on a public radio station. Actually, they called me. 99.9 KTYD in Santa Barbara, CA. I was shaking quite a bit, but I managed to keep my stuttering down to minimum. It had to be the coolest thing though. Every couple minutes Matt McAllister would say "And we're talking with Paul Mathis from". That was a little freaky. I ponder for a moment how many thousands of people are probably listening to me talk. But it wasn't nearly as weird as I thought it would be. Public speaking, on a massive scale, and it barely registered with me.. That's a first. The second is tomorrow with Michigan Talk Radio at 4:20pm CST.

I was also told that KPUR in Amarillo plugged my site for me, although I haven't confirmed it yet. If so, shouts out to them. If not, well... maybe they'll plug it someday, and shouts out to them anyway. :)