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In a word.... WOW!!!!!

September 13, 2002 10:17

As everyone surely knows by now, The Screensavers show on TechTV featured my site as the site of the nite. While the hits had been pretty steady all day long, when the show started, they increased to one hit per second, and slowly increased up to 3 hits per second until the moment they announced the URL on the show. At that point, 20 hits per second would be a conservative estimate. The logs were tailing faster than I could watch, the load on the server immediately shot up to 51, the controlling server ran into some typical snafu's, most of which I was expecting. Definitely time to redesign some things. However, the site stayed up, even if it was somewhat slow and unresponsive. IRC continued to work well, so although people couldn't watch, at leasst they could chat.

I finally got to see the show today, and I was quite impressed. I've already gotten an offer for an interview on a radio station in California which I will take up assuming they respond back to me.

Of course, still lots of hits coming in, and lots of smaller sites have linked to me now too, so those will continue to bring hits in pretty heavy amounts for the next few days. Hopefully no HUGE sites link to me in the next few days until this madness has a chance to cool off a bit.