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No more Elaine

November 13, 2002 14:20

What started as a silly musing of the day has turned into a weeklong debate over the ethics of begging for money on the internet, and the limitations of those who choose to express disparity. As much fun as it has been, its time for everyone to go back to doing what they were doing, myself included. So, to summarize my thoughts on the whole matter:

There is nothing legally wrong with asking for handouts that you don't deserve. I find the act appalling, and after she asked me to promote her site, I responded with the reasons why I wouldn't. After she spammed my site several times, I chose to post my reply publically. A friend of mine named Eric also sent her a message. She doctored the original with numerous mispelled words, then replied complaining about the spelling, and admitted to doing so in later correspondance.

Replying to my message, she states that my assumptions are wrong since she's not in fact working right now, despite the #2 entry on her FAQ clearly states that she is. She has an amendment to that FAQ entry that implies that her spare time job is on hold, but nothing reading from that implies, at least to me, that she's out of work. I told her that intentional deception on her part does not help her case and she should immediately fix any discrepancies. She replied that she would. This was three days ago, and she has yet to revise her wording.

She then visited the site again and sent several rather off-color messages, which I posted in the last news entry. She CLAIMS it was her roommate, although whoever it was used the same computer. Even if it wasn't Elaine, it was someone acting at her request. Namecalling is immature, especially for someone older than I am. I wouldn't do it, and I wouldn't let someone else do it while representing me. Elaine apparently has no problem with it.

She has proven that she's at least somewhat dishonest. As far as I'm concerned, that destroys ALL credibility she ever had. But that's my opinion and mine alone. If others want to send her money, or stand up for her, fine. Its your money to waste, but I'm done talking about it.

Her Site for the other side of this story.