Copyright and Policy Information

All Pictures, HTML, and cgi code for this site is copyrighted by Restil (C) 2001... whatever. Yes.. I have ALL the rights.. I'm just THAT cool! :) All code created by me for this site is copyrighted by Restil (C) 2005. Cam streams and images captured from a stream, as well as pictures on the visitors page are copyrighted by the owner of the cam or image in question, and the owner maintains exclusive rights with the following exceptions: The images may be used on or any associated sites

That being said.... Do with it what you will. You're more than free to copy pictures off of here and mass post them to usenet if you feel so inclined. I really couldn't care less. You're more than welcome to steal my HTML code and model your site after mine. I'd be flattered. A lot of the cgi scripts and other source code is linked from the Howto Page If you are in need of any other code, I'm more than happy to provide it, although I make no claims to its neatness. However, if you do choose to republish anything, I'd appreciate credit. A link to this site would be sufficient.

However, I still have the final say, and although I doubt it will ever happen, I do suppose there are causes on this great planet of ours which I would not want to be seen endorsing by prominant use of my good name. As an example, I suppose I would prefer webcam pictures from here not be used on porn sites. Although, that would probably be the most boring porn site on the internet, seeing how nobody here ever does anything lewd. However, I have guests on occasion and I have an interest in making sure that their visits do not result in inadvertant exploitation.

You are more than welcome to link to this site. In fact, you can link to ANY part of this site if you'd like, although the primary page at is probably best. And yes, you can capture any picture you please to advertise the link. Anyone who links to me will get a link back to them on the Referrer's Page if it brings traffic here.

Please don't use automatic webcam grabbers on this site. There are several reasons for this. First of all, none of the webcams are on a timer. The pictures are created the moment you request them. This means, if you try to grab one picture per second, you're going to get 86400 pictures every day, depending on your bandwidth. Not to mention, I have 4 cams you can capture from. You're going to need LOTS of space and LOTS of bandwidth to do this, and chances are, 90% of the pictures you get will be of an empty room. How exciting is that? Besides, I already pretty much archive anything interesting, and filter out all the large expanses of empty rooms to save space. I can go back 2 years. If you REALLY need a lot of pictures, just let me know and I'll just zip them up for you and let you download them in one shot and save both of us a lot of trouble. Just in case you're wondering, if you're looking for something lewd, you're not going to find it. Not even if you record it yourself. Its your time to waste.

All html code and cgi scripts are written by me. The primary server is a Slackware Linux box. All the webcams are running off windows 95 boxes, using Webcam32 software. Messages sent to the webpage are sythesized using Festival voice synth software and read out loud. The chat applet is the Eteria IRC client.