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Elaine speaks!

November 12, 2002 11:55

Since I was so harsh with Elaine, I figure I'll be fair and post some of her comments about me. Can't be sure who's doing the typing, but I know its the same computer Eliane uses.

(Elaine): fat ass
(Elaine): heard of exercise?
(Elaine): hey porker, my name aint ELAINE. she's my housemate you bitch.
(Elaine): i'm not elaine but I'll be on your site whenver I want fat tard
(Elaine): you're funny attention grabber. have nothing better to do than to bash her site and you don't even know her you asshole.
(Elaine): she didn't ask you for anything. she wanted to tell you she liked your site you freak.
(Elaine): what are you talking about
(Elaine): dude i just asked her what you are talking about and she said she has to update it. did you even know that she has been in bed all day because of back pain? you're really low. I'm out of here. I hope you find positive vibe in yourlife some day.