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Computer Fixed

November 14, 2002 01:36

My primary office computer has been fixed, replaced the CPU and motherboard and now it appears to be stable. After I get some sleep I'll get the audio streaming working again.

The next stage is to get streaming audio working on phat (the living room cam computer). I still have to tweak the cam program a bit to get a better picture capture, but otherwise I'm quite impressed with the way it has worked out with linux. I'll upgrade the doorbell computer sometime before the end of the weekend so its running linux as well. The computer in the den might or might not get converted, depending on if the cheapo parallel port cam on that computer is supported. I'm guessing that it won't be, but its hard to say without trying.

Although I've gotten a bit sidetracked, it is still my intention to get a cam working in the lab as well. I recently discovered the computer that I've had since late 97 has USB ports on it. I just so happen to have a spare USB cam sitting around and that room really needs a cam, so I'll attempt to get one working on there.

That is all.