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Some minor changes

August 19, 2002 23:20

Since someone actually had enough to say, they hit the cap on the comment sizes. Actually, there was no cap on the comment size, just on the filter, so I bumped it up to 20x its previous size, so now excessively longwinded comments will make it, in their entirety.

Added a new entry to the manifest page. Got a major bug with Jeeves fixed (I think). If no new problems crop up over the next couple days, I'll see about implementing the new data storage mechanism and start eliminating the old buggy one.

More google snacks.

Car kit uses ac adapter through your car's radioI have NO idea what this person plans to do, but it sounds dangerous.
wanking There's a LOT of people searching for pictures of wanking. And it would appear they all make it to my site.
parent directory index-of "sandra1.jpg" -edu -govOnce again, Sandra, SOMEONE IS LOOKING FOR YOU! Whoever it is has done their homework and resorted to a process of elimination. They're getting closer. Get ready!
"Friday the 13th" AND closeupNo idea what THAT has to do with my site
Homemade computer fan control boardsAn overclocker's wet dream? How complex are fans anyway? do they REALLY need controllers at all, let alone entire boards dedicated to the task? Hmmmm
doorbell schematicsThe doorbell authority. Thats me.
off centre picsThe new craze in photography. Pictures that feature not the subject, but the space around them.
really fat CatNone here. Sorry.
timer howto sloppyI hope this is for a sloppy howto on timers. Otherwise the mental images are too disturbing.
+"on hold" +playlist +software +ads +telephoneNo idea
PURPOSE OF BEAVIS AND BUTTHEADYeah, I was kinda wondering about that myself



August 18, 2002 14:44

I'll be housesitting again this week, so I'll be around less often than usual, although I'll still be available for chatting, so fear not. :)

And more google refs:

doorbell pics and
doorbell picture icon The doorbell authority once again.
strange computer gear
try wheels on my car I always thought square shaped stones were more effective. Imagine that.
pedophile gallery pics Of course.
picking your nose
driving me crazy lamp webcam rc car Probably looking for me.



August 17, 2002 01:16

CHATTING WITH UNKNOWN FRIEND (FEMALE) Aren't you supposed to KNOW your friends???
sandra1.jpg Message to Sandra, whoever you are, "Someone is looking for you"
things look in dongle purchase Someone tell me, what exactly is a "dongle purchase"???
DoorBell Yet another person hunting for doorbells.
multiple connections to different sites "one webcam" Hmmmmmm..
pedophile pics Of course
my webcam pics Don't you know where your webcam pics are? :)

WhiteCollers now has a webcam and an entry on the visitors page. So go check it out.


Google Tidbits

August 15, 2002 22:25

txu geek ads Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
"parallel port" "computer controlled" I suppose, by defintion, all parallel ports are computer controlled. But I'm sure he was REALLY searching for controlling devices by using the parallel port... I hope.
doorbell Listen up people, I'm not an authority on doorbells.
ttl project circut fun No, this is the place for the BORING projects, not the FUN ones. :)
cat gender info You lift up its tail... and if you see a.... well.. Look somewhere else :)

Slow news day, yes I know.


DNS is working again.

August 14, 2002 23:22

The root nameservers have finally updated my dns entries so I'm fully functional again with the domain. Yay. Its annoying thinking that hundreds of people think my site is down. Especially when its really not. :)

And more referrer tidbits :)

fry computer components AC power
ezboard backdoor access
hooking up tv out dongle faq
howto share dongle on the network Lots of dongle searches today
causes tv remotes to stop working Is he looking for reasons tv remotes stop working, or is he trying to find a way to MAKE a TV remote stop working... hmmmmmmm....
pedophile gallery little kids pics And what would a day be without someone finding my site while searching for pedophile related activities
12 volt dc light novelty party
spy on others using yahoo messenger Not sure how that would work exactly...


No Title

August 14, 2002 00:02

More google searches and domain info

First off, a slight glitch with the domain might have caused a few problems. Some of you might not have noticed at all, but by tomorrow it should be resolved. Life will go on.

I have a working theory that if I get the reverse names registered with my isp then the cookies will once again function properly. Just a theory mind you, nothing to bet the farm on yet.

Now for more fun referral tidbits :)

dumb and dumber sayings
index of pics11 But I thought pics13 were the fun ones!
barcode inventory iy OR homemade OR homebrew -beer Whatever he wants, its not about beer
pedophile+hunters This IS the place to go for this. Really
DOA Extreme Beachball
hardforum+gawd+cheeze I can't begin to imagine what this person was hunting for.
txu homeowner ac replacement program DEFINITELY on topic. Sure
how to hook your computer up to a tv And then a few minutes later:
easiest way to hook computer up to a tv I seem to be the authority on this. Too bad I don't cover it anywhere.
radio control transmitter joystick interface do it yourself Not really sure if this person wants to make a wireless joystick or just use the joystick port for a transmitter interface, but definitely a project in there somewhere.
Lava lamp howto Yeah, those lavalamps are rather complex objects. They need detailed instructions to get working.


More Tidbits from the Referral Logs

August 12, 2002 14:14

Mom Porn
Bald Women
Amazon Women Adult Gallery
winamp+lights+house+control Probably looking for me.
Scary Objects
Strange Things How appropriate
Exotic humor pics Not sure what to make of that

That's from the last two days. I'll try to update more often on funny referrer log entries.


Recent Activity

August 12, 2002 11:54

Since obtaining the domain name and adapting a theme for the site around it, the popularity of the site has increased substantially. More sites are linking to me, more people keep coming back. This is wonderful news.

However, there is a downside. The trolls have come out of the woodwork in force. Of course, there have always been the occasional troll. Rude people, morons, kids with way too much free time on their hands and a serious malicious streak. They've always been out there, but they usually show up one at a time, be annoying for a little while, then leave, never to return.

Now, however, they come back too. And when more than a few of them show up at the same time, things start to get ugly. I can stand it. People have said everything in the world to me, and verbal abuse predates the internet. But these trolls aren't only annoying me. They're annoying my other guests. And at some point I'm going to feel compelled to stop them. Of course, there's a good chance that once school starts again, most of these people will disappear. I've already got automated protection for those who get clever and decide to script attack the website. If necessary I'll add a moderation system for the comments and captures. I hate to go to these extremes, but I see what the other large forums have to put up with. Its sad that its required at all, but it seems that the perceived anonymous nature of the internet has given some people the impression that they can be moronic assholes to everyone.


CFOX Strikes Again!

August 09, 2002 00:33

That's right. I've been listed on the geek of the week page at CFOX Radio in Vancouver. They first covered my site a month ago, at which Karen (I think she's the traffic gal) made a wisecrack referring to my site as drive me insane dot com. Well, I thought it was a perfectly spiffy name, so I adopted it as my domain and even styled the site after it.

Apparently they noticed, because they decided to feature it again, based on my domain adoption. :)

The sprinkler is still working and I've got most of the kinks ironed out of that. You can now see how much time is left for the day by hovering the cursor over the sprinkler icon.

I've added a new feature. Every time the page is loaded a current insanity level value is computed and displayed. This value attempts to determine how insane I currently am based on how often people are playing with my lights. It still needs some tweaking.


No Title

August 03, 2002 02:08

Sprinkler's Working!!!

My front yard won't be as parched and ugly anymore. Now it will get watered. I have a lawn sprinkler out there that's internet controlled now. However, it won't be as fun as the lights for now. First off, you can barely see it from the front door. Secondly, there is a 15 minute daily time limit, and individual requests only last 30 seconds. Also, I will be disassembling it at least once to add some sealant to prevent the leaks I have now. If this works out well, I'll add a couple more sprinklers. Another in the front and one in the back. The next project is to get a rotor so people can aim the sprinkler at .. um... targets. :)