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August 14, 2002 00:02

More google searches and domain info

First off, a slight glitch with the domain might have caused a few problems. Some of you might not have noticed at all, but by tomorrow it should be resolved. Life will go on.

I have a working theory that if I get the reverse names registered with my isp then the cookies will once again function properly. Just a theory mind you, nothing to bet the farm on yet.

Now for more fun referral tidbits :)

dumb and dumber sayings
index of pics11 But I thought pics13 were the fun ones!
barcode inventory iy OR homemade OR homebrew -beer Whatever he wants, its not about beer
pedophile+hunters This IS the place to go for this. Really
DOA Extreme Beachball
hardforum+gawd+cheeze I can't begin to imagine what this person was hunting for.
txu homeowner ac replacement program DEFINITELY on topic. Sure
how to hook your computer up to a tv And then a few minutes later:
easiest way to hook computer up to a tv I seem to be the authority on this. Too bad I don't cover it anywhere.
radio control transmitter joystick interface do it yourself Not really sure if this person wants to make a wireless joystick or just use the joystick port for a transmitter interface, but definitely a project in there somewhere.
Lava lamp howto Yeah, those lavalamps are rather complex objects. They need detailed instructions to get working.