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Stupid Hard Disk

August 31, 2002 12:57

The primary server crashed again last night, thanks to the borked hard drive. I'm holding out for an inexpensive opportunity to replace it. I just hope that it can too. Sorry for the inconvienence.


5 Cans Left

August 30, 2002 23:28

I should polish the rest of them off this weekend. Then no more DR Pepper. Yay!

As for a daily rant, I don't really have one. And I'm too tired to come up with a good one. So here, the SIS305 chipset doesn't want work with XFree86 DAMMIT!!! There. Now I feel better.

Googlesnak Time!

index thong jpg AGAIN!
reasons mexico independance
+"index of" +sandra1.jpg Someone's looking for Sandra again

Slow day for the googlers. :)


Abuse techniques for 6 yr olds

August 30, 2002 09:00

No, I'm not talking about abusing 6 year olds, I'm talking about abuse FROM 6 year olds. As much abuse as they're capable of dishing out, that is. Remember back when a 6 year old will discover a new insult, such as... oh... "nerd" and proceed to razz some poor outcast with it. And since it seemed to have a negative effect on the victim's self esteem, that word was added to the list of insults to use frequently in the future

Now fast forward to the future. It might be time to update that list. There are a large percentage of people these days that go out of their way to CALL themselves nerds. It's not only an insult, its a point of pride. You know that guy with the glasses, who spends all his time on the computer, has no social life, and is in his mid 20's. Guess what, that's probably EXACTLY what he wants. If you expect to get a rise out of him by calling him a nerd, you're horribly delusional. He's quite likely in fact to take it as a compliment and thank you for the kind comment.

However, since you feel the need to cut someone down lower than you feel yourself, and that will be a significant challenge, you're going to have to do a lot of work. You're going to have to come up with an insult that has nothing whatsoever to do with their profession, hobbies, school, appearance, social life, propensity for study, or lack of interest in what the world thinks of them. The adult nerds of the world have long since realized that YOU are the real loser in this world and nothing deragatory you say will ever matter. You're really going to have to work at it if you expect to get even a momentary sting from your intended victim. Its going to require a lot of time. Time you're going to have to take away from.... well... I guess you have a lot of time on your hands or you wouldn't bother. You apparently don't have much of a life either. But at least the nerds are happy about it. :)

More Google snacks:

thong jpg index More thongs.
Harddisk Working Explaination How about an explaination about why it's NOT working
doorbell circuit and computer parts Talk about narrowing down your search parameters.
emulate webcam Someone wants to do what some accuse me of doing. Faking it apparently
new kiss girl _girl Umm....
why can't i get my yahoo messenger to work was working fine until last week now you say it has been lock for security reason,WHY WAY off topic


12 cans left

August 29, 2002 01:58

Time runs short. 12 small cans remain, then the indefinite Dr Pepper fast begins. The challenge awaits me.

And more google snacks.

Pedophile Pics Without fail
richard garriot pics None of that here either
parent directory thong What is the deal with the thongs?!?!
captured webcam girls I sure hope they're talking about captured PICS.
computer controlled lawn sprinkler system time -fire Keep the fires out of it
girls of age 16 pics No 17 yr olds?? Oh well
vcr repair eating tape You mean they're not supposed to eat the tape?
Mind control Yeah, I wish.
thong + jpg + index Maybe I should start selling them....
elokainu no idea
aligators on the increase graphs And now for something completely different


Redneck Neighbor

August 28, 2002 10:31

Yesterday I was linked to a really funny site. Basically, its the cronicles of someone's redneck neighbor who moves into a new neighborhood, and proceeds to make his house look like crap (in a very amusing way) and annoy the hell out of his neighbors, strange lawn ornaments, obnoxiously loud parties at 3 am, "testing" the lawnmower at midnight, etc.

Then I started thinking things over. That could be me. Granted, I don't take anything to NEARLY that extreme. But I have trash in the bushes. There's old newspapers on my front porch. The fence is missing a lot of boards. Heck, I even have one of those plastic pools. At least I don't keep my neighbors up at night, but I can imagine that they might consider my place to be somewhat of an eyesore, even if I don't see it myself. I think maybe this weekend, I'll spend a good solid day just cleaning stuff up. I'd hate to inspire someone to make a website like that about me. :)

I have approximately 15 Dr Peppers left, then I begin the Dr Pepper free lifestyle.


Random Rants

August 27, 2002 23:14

Its amazing how quickly things can fall apart. People will usually act mature in large groups as long as everyone else acts mature. When one person falls out of line, it depends on the community to correct the problem. Either get the one violator to conform to guidelines of decency, or leave. However, when the problem is left unresolved, it spreads. Quickly. Before you know it, the entire chatroom has turned into a warzone. People are trading death threats amongst other things. Sad, really sad.

And it continues into the next day. Its not until I clear everyone out, and one at a time get people to quit acting like moronic idiots that things slowly get back to normal. I can see how a large chatroom, or especially large servers can quickly melt down and destroy the community based only on a few bad eggs. I wonder what will become of things if it REALLY gets popular. Scary.

It was also brought to my attention that my dr pepper addiction was ingrained and that I would be unable to stop. Of course, like all other addicts would have you believe, I'm sure I can quit anytime. I mean, its something I LIKE.. not something I need. But its still an interesting concept. Quit Dr Pepper. In fact, quit soda's completely. Can it be done? Should it be? Well, far be it for me to ignore a challenge just because there's no point.

So as soon as I've finished my current supply of Dr Pepper I will abstain from drinking any carbonated drinks for an indefinite period of time. And I'll update everyone as to my efforts in that regard. And because I'm doing this, someone else needs to not be insecure anymore. That's the deal.

And in other news, more google snacks :)

joystick causes computer not to post Hmmm....
webcam, hacked, girls Webcams of girls that are hacked off? Or girls with webcams who's sites have been hacked, or how to hack into girl's webcam sites.. the possibilities are endless.
automated sprinkler system linux Who'd of thought?
myg0t Annoy script If its to annoy myg0t people, it'd be worth it. However, I fear that this is not what they're looking for.
howto change watch battery
comindico pop numbers No clue
younger sister pics *sigh*
magical humans,monsters ,and animals encylopedia oh boy!
plasma ball computer Another nifty eyecandy project???
Pictures Of Training Bras Umm.. I don't want to know. Really. Better than children's thongs though.
girls pedophile gallery Ok. Can't go a day without a pedophile link. Today we have potentially 3. But what is this person searching for? A pedophile's gallery of girls? (sick), or a gallery of young female pedophiles? (strange).
lionel dr pepper car No idea
computer controlled underground sprinkler systems Other than doorbells, I'm now the authority on sprinklers. At least they're appropriate searches so far
seethrough pics *more sigh*
porn site howto Umm... I don't think so.
pedophile pics Make that 4.
Invisible Woman Not sure.
+"index of" +jpg +thong Someone's really got a thing for thongs lately.


Jeeves is getting better

August 26, 2002 00:17

I finally spent some time on Jeeves and I've got his functionality fully converted to the new system, and I'm going to slowly remove the old code once I'm sure none of it is in use anymore. Of course, there's still some parsing traps, but now that the primary bug has been squashed, he should continue to grow. The current focus is on the recursive knowledge tree.

And some more google snacks:

funny websites Uhhhhhh
index parent size thong jpg Just don't tell me that there are children sized thongs.
drive me insane Looking for me?
SPY FOR THE QUEEN And the first stop is.... My site!
drive me insane Again. Either someone's looking for me, or someone has an insanity complex
38d +pictures What is this?? A pron site?? Move along people!
use webcam to record doorbell Yay! something appropriate
timeline of major events that have occured since 1986 Way off
pics+of+little+girls+under+age+17 Its all about the pedophilia war. And they're fighting on both sides.
+webcam +dare cute hot Not sure I want to know
pics of people playing games What KIND of games??????


Hacing, the new internet sport

August 23, 2002 23:27

Of course, we don't really know what it is yet. We just came up with the word, typoed by our good friend X10N, then changed into the present participle form. However, we feel that it best fits the phrase "hack racing". Of course, this is equally meaningless, but it's more than enough to spawn a dotcom from and demand 7+ figures of venture capital. Well, 3 years ago maybe. Too bad the .com domain for it is taken, but there will be other typos, and other newfound unrealized internet crazes that must be taken up.

And more google snacks:

Showtime AND X10 AND download No idea.
paul mathis web cam Oh crap! They found me.
robert asprin thieves world warez I have no idea what these words have to do with each other.
"No Mp3 Disk"
php outburst ip logging
chime clock for your computer
strange uses for pc joystick Please don't tell me. I don't want to know.
spy on whats been typed on your computer Its called a keylogger.


Spaz was Rebooted

August 23, 2002 20:03

There's a possible hard drive failure imminent. I was forced to reboot the primary server just to get it to read the drive. Its reading it once again, so for now things are safe, but I'm planning to move all critical files off that drive, back up everything else, and generally warn people to quit using it. I was hoping I wouldn't lose any drives, as I wanted to do a swap into another machine, but the drives are getting old, and these things do happen.

I'm home for the weekend, and I plan to do some housekeeping, get the drives cleaned off, maybe do some project work, mow the yard, etc.


Google Snacks

August 22, 2002 02:36

doorbell More doorbells
doorbell pictures And more
hook up to your car computer with your home computer Someone has a nifty project in mind
beyond beavis and butthead Definitely something to get beyond.
"my cam is online" Or at least, a list of cams that were online during hte last google crawl
"steal my html code" Hmmmmmmmm...
daily planetary alignment graphs Umm....
What does the name Jessica mean? How the heck should I know?
ass view No idea
pics she doesn't know I took these Someone's desparate
webcam "turn on the lights" control strangers Hmm.. could be looking for me. Hard to say.
female pedophile pictures Variations of a common theme.
And of course, the typical wanking search, and quite a few searches for ex girlfriends, and even current girlfriends.