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Random Rants

August 27, 2002 23:14

Its amazing how quickly things can fall apart. People will usually act mature in large groups as long as everyone else acts mature. When one person falls out of line, it depends on the community to correct the problem. Either get the one violator to conform to guidelines of decency, or leave. However, when the problem is left unresolved, it spreads. Quickly. Before you know it, the entire chatroom has turned into a warzone. People are trading death threats amongst other things. Sad, really sad.

And it continues into the next day. Its not until I clear everyone out, and one at a time get people to quit acting like moronic idiots that things slowly get back to normal. I can see how a large chatroom, or especially large servers can quickly melt down and destroy the community based only on a few bad eggs. I wonder what will become of things if it REALLY gets popular. Scary.

It was also brought to my attention that my dr pepper addiction was ingrained and that I would be unable to stop. Of course, like all other addicts would have you believe, I'm sure I can quit anytime. I mean, its something I LIKE.. not something I need. But its still an interesting concept. Quit Dr Pepper. In fact, quit soda's completely. Can it be done? Should it be? Well, far be it for me to ignore a challenge just because there's no point.

So as soon as I've finished my current supply of Dr Pepper I will abstain from drinking any carbonated drinks for an indefinite period of time. And I'll update everyone as to my efforts in that regard. And because I'm doing this, someone else needs to not be insecure anymore. That's the deal.

And in other news, more google snacks :)

joystick causes computer not to post Hmmm....
webcam, hacked, girls Webcams of girls that are hacked off? Or girls with webcams who's sites have been hacked, or how to hack into girl's webcam sites.. the possibilities are endless.
automated sprinkler system linux Who'd of thought?
myg0t Annoy script If its to annoy myg0t people, it'd be worth it. However, I fear that this is not what they're looking for.
howto change watch battery
comindico pop numbers No clue
younger sister pics *sigh*
magical humans,monsters ,and animals encylopedia oh boy!
plasma ball computer Another nifty eyecandy project???
Pictures Of Training Bras Umm.. I don't want to know. Really. Better than children's thongs though.
girls pedophile gallery Ok. Can't go a day without a pedophile link. Today we have potentially 3. But what is this person searching for? A pedophile's gallery of girls? (sick), or a gallery of young female pedophiles? (strange).
lionel dr pepper car No idea
computer controlled underground sprinkler systems Other than doorbells, I'm now the authority on sprinklers. At least they're appropriate searches so far
seethrough pics *more sigh*
porn site howto Umm... I don't think so.
pedophile pics Make that 4.
Invisible Woman Not sure.
+"index of" +jpg +thong Someone's really got a thing for thongs lately.