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Some minor changes

August 19, 2002 23:20

Since someone actually had enough to say, they hit the cap on the comment sizes. Actually, there was no cap on the comment size, just on the filter, so I bumped it up to 20x its previous size, so now excessively longwinded comments will make it, in their entirety.

Added a new entry to the manifest page. Got a major bug with Jeeves fixed (I think). If no new problems crop up over the next couple days, I'll see about implementing the new data storage mechanism and start eliminating the old buggy one.

More google snacks.

Car kit uses ac adapter through your car's radioI have NO idea what this person plans to do, but it sounds dangerous.
wanking There's a LOT of people searching for pictures of wanking. And it would appear they all make it to my site.
parent directory index-of "sandra1.jpg" -edu -govOnce again, Sandra, SOMEONE IS LOOKING FOR YOU! Whoever it is has done their homework and resorted to a process of elimination. They're getting closer. Get ready!
"Friday the 13th" AND closeupNo idea what THAT has to do with my site
Homemade computer fan control boardsAn overclocker's wet dream? How complex are fans anyway? do they REALLY need controllers at all, let alone entire boards dedicated to the task? Hmmmm
doorbell schematicsThe doorbell authority. Thats me.
off centre picsThe new craze in photography. Pictures that feature not the subject, but the space around them.
really fat CatNone here. Sorry.
timer howto sloppyI hope this is for a sloppy howto on timers. Otherwise the mental images are too disturbing.
+"on hold" +playlist +software +ads +telephoneNo idea
PURPOSE OF BEAVIS AND BUTTHEADYeah, I was kinda wondering about that myself