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What fun!

September 02, 2009 20:04

Well, I ALMOST made it. I was having some glitchy moments with the harvester, so I didn't get things switched over. Reddit hit first, and then wykop. These events, as desireable as they are, make it really difficult to update the software. Not only am I constantly distracted, but I can't easily debug things when the server is getting slammed. I guess I'm going to need to set myself up a development platform that I can use for testing purposes. It's getting to be too much to manage trying to do the codigin on the production site.

Anyway, I have the harvester fixed... I think. I still need to add in the audio objects database and a means to edit it. And of course, I need to run a recompile on every other program that accesses either the cam or visitor databases. Yes, I know I've said all this before. Just trying to keep everyone updated.