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Well, It's working... mostly

September 10, 2009 17:23

The camserver update is complete, but it was a rougher upgrade than I was hoping for. Not as bad as I feared, but definitely not smooth. There still remain a few lasting challenges, but I've got the majority of the problems solved now. The only remaining problem is the visitors page, but I'm working on that. I've also got the camrelay functioning very well, and I've seen no new bugs in the last several days, but I'm watching. Get a few more cam servers working here and I'll have a better idea if it's fully compatible with all of them, but it should be.

I'll spend a day or two getting everything else fixed and implementing a few new minor features that this latest upgrade has made possible. After that, I'm going to take aim at lampmaster. I'll convert it eventually too, but prior to that, I'm going to strip as much functionality out of it as possible and implement those functions in different servers. Basically, the user updates and dynamic messages will be implemented in different programs. The dynamics will probably best be handled in the messageserver... and I might just stick userupdates in there as well, since that server makes the most sense for the application.

The cam edit page has changed a bit, although not all new functions are available yet. They will be shortly. I also have many more fields to add to the cam page and a few more to add to the visitors page. I also have to update the instruction pages. Anyways, back to work.