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Staring the Conversion

August 31, 2009 20:11

I've gone as far as I can without pulling the plug on the old system. I'm starting the database conversion process now. What should you expect over the next day?

First off, I'm going to change the .h file so the current camtype becomes oldcamtype and I'll remove the comment tokens from the new camtype to add all the new fields. I'll then code up and convert the old format to the new. The biggest change here is that I'm getting away from the host/port/file method I've been using for ages and I'm just going to have you type in a URL. I'm also not going to have 10 cam options. There will just be one. Screens and alternate views will instead be their own cam record that point back to the main one.

Other new features, in no particular order, will be to store the activate time which can be used for ordering the cams on the page, customized watcher strings, various priority bonuses for cam ordering, alternate account control, so you can allow other specific visitors to modify your cam account. Also will have DMIland data (if I ever get that going again), customized status and caption information for the cam, and some control over relaying.

Audio, screens, and other cam features will now be objects that attach to the cam. This has been bandied about for a while, but it should be reality in the next few days.

Now, for tonight and the rest of this weekend. Once the database has been converted and I'm done making changes to the primary page, I'm going to shut down the server, do a final conversion, recompile and reinstall all the programs, and fire everything back up. The page will be inaccessible for probably a couple hours until I'm positive that everything is working properly. After that, the site will be back up and running as normal.

So here we go!