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There Be Visitors Here

April 13, 2006 15:20

Celestina has already arrived. E and Dweasel will be here later tonight. Shiz, Cerulean, Dizzy and the cute little female version of shiz will be here Friday night. Party will commence Friday night. We will have as many cams functional as possible for that event, and will record it as well. Shiz will have functional internet (in theory) from his house to mine and we will record the road cam for a future timelapsed video. They will all be here through Easter, then Shiz and company will be leaving. The rest of them will continue to haunt us for another week or so.

And for those unclear on the concept, if you live locally and you were not invited over, and you decide to come over anyway, you WILL be turned away, unless you obtain permission from Restil beforehand. I don't appreciate people who come over uninvited, and those who have done so in the past will not be invited over in the future. Just FYI.