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The Long awaited Update

March 25, 2006 15:11

Well, don't get TOO excited, there's not a whole lot to report. But some people feel that news is required for daily fullfillment, so here you go.

I'm still working at the BigLots DC, 35 pounds lighter. My one foot is killing me, but it's tolerable enough to keep working for the time being. Once I lose a few more pounds I will likely search for a job more appropriate to my skillset. There are IT related jobs at BigLots, but they're not exactly plentiful. If I'm unable to land one of those in the next few months, I'll likely search elsewhere.

The marriage is going well. We all get along, nobody has killed or inflicted serious bodily harm to each other yet, so we'll probably make it. The hours we are working are kinda annoying, but we should be rectifying that in the near future.

I've gotten SOME work done on the house in the last several months, but the pace severely slowed down from before I got this job. Practically nothing happened between the wedding and Xmas since I was working over 50 hour weeks and I had no energy left to do anything else. The days I'm working are still just as long, but they've managed to cram it into 4 days a week instead of 5, so I have an extra day over the weekend which gives me at least one solid day per week to get something done. Mostly I've been doing work on the living room, which is mostly complete. Check out the progress on the house page.

I killed my truck during the hard freeze in december. Not enough antifreeze and the engine block cracked. Bought a 95 Ford Explorer so we have a second vehicle which everyone seems to like more than the van. Just as well, the van needs work and should be driven as little as possible. Tif got her license as well now, so we have 3 drivers in the house. I'm still waiting for the insurance bill. :)

So that's it for now. Hopefully more frequent updates will come soon.