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April 26, 2006 16:40

Well, the gang has all left now. We had plans to get quite a bit done on the house while they were here, but my job decided that last week needed to be both the heaviest volume week of the year so far, AND half the employees decided to have weeklong holiday related illnesses, or quit. We still got the boards hauled up to the attic and got started on the wetbar, hung a fan, and Cel made a wonderful live-in maid. Thanks Cel. :)

Living with a bunch of geeks for the last two weeks has inspired me to get working again on some of the many projects upon which I have been horribly lax for the last couple years. We've also managed to dream up a few new projects as well.

There will be an update to the visitor database in about a week. The fields to be added include the following: photo galleries, date created, selectable options for the primary visitor picture, metar code of the closest airport, latitude and longitude, timezone, date of birth, job, xfire name, zipcode, skype name (yes, there's already a skype field, but I'm stealing one of the unused ones), account status, and relationship pointer to link to the visitor page of your significant other. If you can think of any other fields that would be useful to add, now is the time.

Several projects will involve google maps. We've had two successful tests with using GPS and google maps to track the location of someone driving cross country. I plan on making it an option for anyone with both mobile internet andgps to be able to activate this while mobile. I'll also be putting together a car computer of my own for this purpose, as well has being able to have a mobile cam on the site while I'm driving. The social map project that I started a while back will get started up again, although I'll probably nuke the database again and redefine exactly how various relationships should be catagorized. This combined with the known values of various people's lat/long will make for some interesting maps.

I'm planning to purchase a 1/16 scale RC tank that should be sufficient to carry the battery/camera/transmitter around the house, with the added bonus of being able to climb over most of the downstairs obstacles. Most of the obstacles aren't too severe, room threashold trim and the like, but it would have been enough to stop the other rc car, much like the step in the living room of the old house was.

I'm working on fixing all the Object of the Day pages so they have the new sidebar and theme format, and then I plan to start adding new ones daily. The most recent one added was 3 years ago. It's time.