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Site Changes

July 31, 2005 14:04

I've made some layout changes to the site recently, mostly on the classic theme sidebar and I've added advertisements. Yes, I know, I'm a sellout. If it doesn't draw any significant revenue, I'll probably dump them, but I'll try it out for now. The howto page has been updated, although it still needs some work. I've also made a few modifications to the why page.

Coding wise, I'm planning a database update to the cam and visitors databases to enable some new features. I also want to clean up the coding for the layout of the pages. Right now, I'm using extensive SSI to display the main page which causes excessive load on the server when there are a lot of hits. The classic theme at least can be incorporated almost completely into a single cgi program. I also plan to put in some custom layouts for the cam icons instead of displaying them in the order they were added. For instance, cams with lamps will get higher priority than those without, and those with no motion will be moved to the bottom of the list.

The house is coming along slowly but surely. We hope within a week to be starting on the downstairs rooms, at which time we'll have an idea of when it will be completed and will schedule a housewarming party, which will basically be a warmup for the wedding party. Invitations for those will be going out soon too.