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The Quest for more Air Conditioning. Book 1

August 01, 2005 12:31

Dustec, as all of you know, is a great guy. Just to prove it in fact, he sent us an early wedding gift in the form of a window Air Conditioning unit. As Gertie put it, it's the best gift she's ever received, and certainly the most useful at this time of year. We were just finishing up the room that we planned to put it in, so it stayed boxed up for a week after receiving it, and then we installed it. It worked perfectly except for the simple tiny little fact that it didn't actually expell any cold air, which being an Air Conditioner... well, suffice it to say, they get more love when they do.

No problem, it's covered under warranty for a year after purchase, and I call up Sears to have them come out and fix it. After getting the appointment bumped once, the repairman shows up late one afternoon, determines that it has no coolant in it, and puts coolant in it. He gave me two possible explainations. First, they failed to put any in at the factory, which they do sometimes. Second, it might have a leak. For the time being though, it's blowing cold air, and everyone's happy. It works GREAT.

A few days later however, we notice that it's not blowing cold quite as much as it was. The compressor would run for a few minutes, then shut off before cooling the room down. Then a day later, it didn't cool at all. Upon shutting off the unit, you could hear a tiny leak. So the leak idea is starting to have merit now. Very well. It's still under warranty, so I call Sears again. This time, it's going to take a little over a week to get someone out to fix it. Gertie decides this is unacceptable and has a chat with them and gets them to agree to replacing it instead, which they will do by sending us a new one and picking up the old one. Should only take a couple days. No problem.

Problem. Sears sends an email to Dustec letting him know that we returned the AC unit. Well, that WOULD be true, if it weren't still sitting in my window as I type this. And it's only accurate in that they leave out that they're supposed to be REPLACING not RETURNING it, but it gives us an excuse to call and check on the status of the replacement. As it turns out, they HAD put it in as a return instead of a replacement, and the UPS guy keeps trolling around wanting to take our old one away. Riiiiight.

So Gertie got on a tear with Sears this morning and ... well, she's still tearing away, but she's currently on a 2 hour mission to obtain a backpack which likely costs less than the gas spent to obtain it, but I fully expect when she returns we will have a new air conditioner being shipped pronto... and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a few extras being sent, just to save them the agony of having to deal with us again.

To be continued....