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Slowly Creeping Back

July 23, 2005 15:43

As you may have noticed, there's a new device on my cam, or more like an old device reborn. The puppy works again. The bear would be functional except for some reason it hasn't seemed to have survived the last few moves.

I've updated the lampmaster software, so everyone using it needs to grab it again at Each device now needs a: camname "mycamname" line. This lets the programs know which cam the device is attached to. If that cam is offline, the lamps won't show up. If the lamps for that cam aren't available, the Interactive marker won't show up. And when someone is looking at a cam with active devices, those devices will have a red bar under them. I'm working on code for mouseovers on the cam icons to show which lamps are visible from that cam.

In the next few days, I plan to get another cam functional in this room, likely the one with zoom capability. I'll be running network cable up to the attic so I can have a working network connection in the girls' room upstairs, and they can camp out in there and play on the computer if they're camera shy.