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New stuff

August 22, 2004 15:01

Upon obtaining a cellphone with mMode access, I have started to create a mobile version of the site. It's currently not terribly useful, but eventually I plan to allow a mobile phone user to be able to check out the various cams, control the devices, and send messages from the phone, as well as read some of the documents, like the news. You can access it from your WAP enabled mobile phone from

I'm currently beta testing a new projects page. Once I'm happy that I have all the features in it that I'm going to want for the foreseeable future, I'll move over the other projects that still hold some interest. You're now able to add projects to the list as well as comment on them. To check it out go . Right now it mostly resembles the old projects page, but I have some new ideas in mind that will make the page a bit more useful and I'll plan to run all the daily projects I work on through it so others can monitor my progress.