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Part 3: More torture

August 24, 2004 20:28

When I moved out of my place back in August '03, Wes spent half a day helping me move out, and in exchange I filled up his gas tank and bought him lunch. I also spent a whole day helping him move out of his second story apartment, and he bought me dinner.

During the months we were waiting for Wes to find a house, I lent him $250 for earnest money and $525 for setup charges on the internet service we planned to use. When moving day came, he rented a truck and we (wes, gertie, and I, along with Cari for a little while) loaded their entire storage building into the truck. It was mostly full at this point, but we swung by my storage unit and loaded a few things in there, mostly my bed, the organ, my desk, the washing machine, and a couple little things. I ended up paying for 2 more months since we weren't able to get everything out that day and I hadn't had a chance to get to everything else later. After unloading the truck, we followed Wes back to Uhaul to return the truck and my offer of money to pay for part of the rental was refused by him.

I spent a great deal of time over the next month assisting them in various furniture moving activities and some minor house maintenance. They invited Gertie to New Years and she brought two $35 bottles of champagne for the occasion. They used both my washing machine and my grill frequently. They offered me a few meals now and then, and I did the same. On the few occasions that Gertie's children came over, they basically got free babysitting for Nathan, a fact they thanked us for on multiple occasions. I have several times given Wes rides so he could get work done on his vehicles. I have spent many hours doing yardwork, and once spent a couple hours helping wes take a load of trash to the city dump. I have kept my part of the house clean and Gertie and I have assisted on multiple occasions helping to clean the rest of the house too, including sweeping, vaccuming, and doing the dishes (not talking about the dishes we generated either). In fact, a couple weeks before May 1st, I was asked to go help Wes's sister quickly move out of her boyfriend's place while they were having a severe fight. While nothing physical happened, asking anyone to put themselves in the middle of a domestic dispute is no short order.

Although there was some initial concern and deployment issue of cams and lamps, after a month or so we had everything ironed out nicely and everyone was happy with the layout. Cari requested to have a cam on her own computer, which I lent her and she had it up frequently. Here are 80 captures from her cam, most of which show her interacting, and some which she captured herself. Keep in mind she was obviously quite willing to have this, and had it running as few as 15 days before May 1.

On one occasion, Cari talked to Gertie early in the morning and convinced her to skip work and come over that day. She invited her over on several other occasions as well. And both Wes AND Cari invited Gertie, SEVERAL TIMES, to stay there for a couple weeks while she found a job and a local apartment, which was the purpose behind the May 1st date. They both knew she was coming. They knew she was going to quit her job and move up here. The day before it happened, Wes wanted to make sure she wasn't coming until the next day. When I asked him why, he said it was no big deal and he'd talk about it later. Later, being AFTER she'd quit her job. Only then, did he give me the letter.

To be continued....