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Old stuff, New Stuff

February 02, 2004 15:19

First of all, yes, I heard about Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction". No need to tell me about it.

The smiley and bear WILL be making a comeback, but I'm working on putting them on a permanant power supply. The smiley drains the batteries after less than a day of use, so I'd rather not spend money on replacing batteries everyday. So hopefully by today I'll have that and the bear back online.

Some merchandising ideas have come up, more for the silly factor than any serious attempt to draw revenue from the site. We're talking about putting together two calenders, one the dmi girls, and another of the dmi guys. If you're interested in posing for a calender send an email to Dweasel at or When we have 12 interested individuals for either calender, we'll coordinate some type of digital picture exchange and find someone to print the calenders. The clothing and pose will be at the discretion of the subject. More information will be provided as we figure things out.

And on an even more silly note, other merchandising ideas have been tossed around. While T-shirts, mugs and mousepads make perfect sense, some ideas clearly make more sense than others. :)