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January 26, 2004 16:06

First of all, I replaced the hallway and living room lamps with tiny versions. These lamps cost about $4 at wallmart and use bulbs in the 4-7 watt range. The primary reason for doing this is that my roommates have a habit of physically turning off the normal lamps for a variety of reasons and that results in lamps that are listed on the page but do not function. This then creates confusion, accusations, etc. So I just decided to replace the lamps with mini versions that are unlikely to be annoying enough to justify turning off. Of course, I've been told that they're ugly, but I'm sure if I search long enough I can find a suitable replacement that fits the decor.

This cool valentines bear plays a little tune and covorts around and the guitar lights up when you press a button. Well, at least it DID before I did a bit of minor surgery in my efforts to get him internet controlled. In the near future (hopefully today) you'll be able to activate him yourself.

The smiley face is simply one of those push lights encapsulated with a rubber foam smiley face thingy. Nothing particularly special about this light. Just another cool looking thing to hook up. Both the smiley face and the bear can be controlled with a single transistor, which means I can control them from the parallel port without any additional hardware (no x10, relays, or external power supplies required). Although, I might eventually hardwire a DC power supply for both of them instead of using batteries which will eventually drain.