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Music Control

February 05, 2004 14:47

As you might have noticed, a few days ago I added a music control feature to the page, located under my cam pic and for a few other cams. From the page itself, it shows the name of the mp3 being played and lets you go to the previous or next in the playlist. A music control link then lets you start, stop, pause music, view the playlist and jump to songs from there and also add songs into the playlist. It also lets you upload your own music.

While there are other plugins for winamp to control the music playback, they've all had drawbacks. Some were crash prone. As for the others, they lacked two basic features. One was an easy way to control who exactly was and was not allowed to use it, and secondly a way to prevent someone from changing a song currently in progress. My implementation has both of these features.

The downside of my implementation is that it's both ugly and probably not extremley user friendly, although most people seem to have figured it out without much trouble. However, I can fix both. I'll probably make the main page resemble a winamp skin. Is there any other feature that would be useful? I've got a few I'm planning to implement yet, such as preventing a song from being played twice in a row. Anyone have any other ideas that would make sense? Let me know.

Also, if anyone would like to submit a skin I could use as an image map or layout ideas, let me know that too. Skins or examples of such can be mailed to Ideas can be commented on here.