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More Progress or the lack thereof

November 22, 2002 09:11

First of all, there are now Xmas lights outside, and the ability to control them. You can see them from the front door cam, although they probably won't show up well in the daylight. They have been currently rigged to not work between midnight and 6 am, to hopefully reduce the annoyance factor for my neighbors. They're just random, blinking Xmas lights.... yeah!

As for something slightly more strange.... I've got two computers. One of them has USB connections on the motherboard. They're clearly labled USB1 and USB2. Not something I'm likely to get confused about. Ok, but apparently the computer itself has NO idea they exist. No mention of it in the bios, no software can detect them. Nada. Ok, so its a fluke.

Got another computer. When I had windows 95 on it, it detected the USB ports, and couldn't do anything with them, but it DID find them. So I presume that THIS motherboard has usb connections on them. I scoured it. Inch by inch. There is NOWHERE to connect the USB ports to. Nothing. To say this is odd, is an understatement. I'm just annoyed. The only thing keeping a cam out of the lab is the lack of a computer with a usb port.