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Progress update

November 21, 2002 14:17

None. None at all. :)

Well, not useless productivity. I've done plenty, I just haven't accomplished anything. First off, the soundcard in spaz either refuses to do full duplex (likely) or the esd software isn't working right. So I might need to swap out the soundcard in there, although that means potential downtime, and lots of kernel recompiling. *sigh*

Inferno, the computer in the lab that runs icecast and a couple other servers, although has USB ports on the motherboard, does not appear to actually USE them. Bios betrays no indication that they exist, and if it weren't for the obvious labeling on the motherboard, I would have assumed they don't. Oh well, no crisis. Freedom (the den cam computer) DOES have working USB ports, so I figure I'll swap them out, exchange the HD's and all should be peachy. The whole point here is that once I have a computer with working USB ports in the lab, I'll be able to have a cam in there. Yay.