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Outdoor Xmas Light Sugguestions

November 20, 2002 22:59

I have confirmed that the power outlet on my front porch works. Well, after I set the breaker again it did. It also works with X10 modules on a power strip, so I know I'll be able to use it. Now the plan is to figure out what type of lighting scheme I want to use. There are several things to consider.

First, it has to be cheap. Obviously. This is ME we're talking about here. Secondly, It has to look nice and not be too annoying. While the lights will OBVIOUSLY be flashing, controlled via the internet, they still have to be low-key enough to not attract more attention than any other randomly flashing Xmas light display would. Third, I can easily install 3 different individually controlled light strands, each which have to get power from the porch. The important thing to consider here is that they all need to be at least somewhat visible from the available cameras. Right now, the only cam I have available looks out the front door. I may be able to install at least one other camera outside, or looking out a window, but for now, assume that the front door cam will be the only one available.

I can put lights in the bushes, hanging from the rafters, or something out on the lawn. I used to have some rosebushes that might have come in handy for this, but they would have interfered with the sprinkler, so they had to go. But there are plenty of bushes along the house that can be decorated.

So if anyone has some ideas, feel free to contribute them. I'll come up with something anyway, regardless of any submissions. However, if any of you have any ideas that I might have failed to consider, now's the time. :)