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November 25, 2002 13:06

About damn time too. Reinstalled the OS from scratch just to get a decent working kernel. But it works now. Happy days. Now I just need to put a rotor on it too so you can see more of the room, or add a second cam to the room or something. I'm sure I'll come up with something. I'll add capture features to that cam and maybe streaming audio as well. Just need to get another mic. I've aimed the cam so it points out the door back into the office. I might manuver things a bit so the cams are able to see each other. So many possibilities! :)

New project. I have all the parts needed for the phone interface (I hope) as well as enough parts for one segment of the marquee sign. Sometime I'll sit down and do a bunch of soldering. Once the phone interface is working, not only will I be able to stream my phone calls, which is of only moderate amusement, but it's the first stage of other projects, like the telemarketer tarpit.