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Caffeine withdrawl

September 03, 2002 22:15

The headache settled in yesterday. Last night it was difficult to concentrate on anything. Even Subspace was a challenge. Today it continued for a while, but it seems to have toned itself down to a mild little annoying thing that if I don't think about it, I don't realize its there.

Took a few more whacks at the tree in my backyard. Stubborn tree. Damn thing won't fall. I just want one light push and down it goes. That's the way GOOD trees do it. But Nooooooo... not MY tree.. it wants to struggle with me. I hear it cracking.. I know its going to fall.. but I don't want it falling in the wrong direction. Oh well. Project for tomorrow.

And some google snacks:

where the name jessica comes from
suspect device
PII power on button red light computer will not boot
pictures of giant amazon women
french eggdrop trivia
myg0t playlist
rc car won't stop Its a common problem
monitor wont detect video card
index pics23 -edu -gov -ed At least its not thongs
picking your nose
Plasma ball store Looking to store plasma balls or to find a place that sells them? The world may never know
moving a refridgerator Wrap your arms around it... lift with your legs.. Or maybe this is one of those "don't try this at home" kinda projects.
Invisible woman
how to hook up a joystick For those REALLY tough projects
pics of girls i met on icq How the hell is google supposed to know that?
doorbell project Me, the doorbell authority
child webcam pics
free binary gallery brother & sister pictures
OOL block port 80 workaround