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Telemarking and other things

September 05, 2002 16:59

Added to the events for the Pointless Olympics (sugguestions for a better name are welcome), which currently includes only Hacing, is the grand sport of Telemarking. No, I don't know what that is, but that's not really the important thing. We're talking high intensity brutal sports here, who CARES if nobody knows what the game is, or what the rules are. We can always figure that out when we're trying to pick a winner.

Despite my efforts to maintain a Dr Pepper free diet, I WILL be cheating tomorrow night. Most likely anyway. However, I will continue the plan from Saturday on. In completely unrelated news, It might be in your best interest to sell your shares in Dr Pepper and invest in companies that sell OJ. No, I don't have a specific brand, just diversify. It'll be ok.