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The Dr Pepper Abstinance Crisis. Day 1

September 01, 2002 20:54

So far I've managed to survive an entire day without my beloved Dr Pepper. Uncertain I am how I've managed, but I've managed it well, and so far no unfortunate side effects. I even managed to get up at a decent hour this morning, but that was because I was having dreams about copying files, since I spent so much time doing that yesterday I guess. So anyway, I was dreaming that among the files I copied were pictures of one of the girls I know in a thong. So I woke up this morning still thinking that, and I simply couldn't stay in bed any longer. I HAD to confirm if the dream had any anchor in reality. Sadly, I must inform the world that my dreams deceived me, but it DID get me up at 8 am on a weekend morning, which like.... NEVER happens. Take that for what you will.

I've removed most of the dead flora from my back yard. The garbage man now has a very large pile of dead tree branches as a present, just to let them know how much I really do care about their continued employment in the sanitation engineering department. Which is fine with me so long as *I* don't have to haul them to the transfer station. :)

And some googlesnacks:

little ninja
pictures from real high school girls webcam Apparently someone who's tired of the fakes.
trivia bot free download irc explain eggdrop Yup.. Its off topic
grappling hook -ragnarok -current-weapon -quake WAY off topic
pedophile pics Of course
computer wont boot, lights on but no display Lights are on but nobody's home. No wait! Wrong diagnosis
pics of training bras And when that didn't work......
training bras pics Wonder if its the bra.. or the girl wearing it... hmm
Screech pic Saved by the Bell Why does that make me nervous
naked cam captures Wrong site. Sorry.
index of thong jpg AGAIN! Thongs, training bras and pedophiles in the same day. What IS this world coming to!
And of course, the normal pictures searching for tinfoil hats, wanking, poopy, and bollocks.