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More Crap

February 11, 2003 10:07

Someone must have thought that I needed some more challenges. Yesterday I received two additional ones. First off, the other partition on the "Most annoying Hard Disk in the World!!!"(tm) has been rapidly developing little errors that likely foretell the imminent death of the whole drive, but in the meantime just A: give me tons of read errors when I try to copy everything off of it, and B: crash the server at random intervals.

And just in case that wasn't enough, the RC Car broke. Something tells me that these cars were never designed to be controlled over the internet while carrying 10 extra pounds of payload. Excessive crashing into walls/other objects was probably not recommended in the manual either. So now the hunt begins for another car of the same model. And since this seems to be a recurring event, I'm going to need to stockpile one of two things. Either I'm going to need a backup collection of these cars, The Radio Shack Sampson model, or I'm going to need to get ahold of some spare PE200 & PE201 transistors, since these are what actually blows up, causing the car to break. Also, the specs on those transistors would also be nice, since they're blowing up due to overheating, and they've already got a pretty hefty heatsink attached to them as it is. Larger transistors might last longer, but I only know the pinout, and my efforts to replace them with other transistors has so far been ineffective.

This got me thinking, fleeting thoughts for those that once wanted to donate something, shipping me that specific car model if you find it would be great. However, fleeting that idea, it led to another. Would there be any interest in shipping me an RC Car, having me mod it to be controlled via computer, and shipping it back? Probably something around cost of shipping back + $10-15 in parts + $25 labor. Oh well, something to think about.

Right now, my efforts are concentrated on getting the rest of the data copied off the dud harddrive. I'm not really in the position to afford a new one right now, although this one is only 3 months old, so I'll investigate some warranty work.