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February 10, 2003 03:06

The recovery process is going slowly but surely. Attempting to scan the partition for source hasn't been successful. At some point I decided it would just be faster to redo the code from scratch instead of wasting all my time searching for it. Besides, I get a chance to do most of it right this time, instead of the fubared wasteland it was before. :)

This is also a turning point of sorts. If I can keep up the momentum I've shown this week, I might actually be able to accomplish something. There are many things I've wanted to do with the site that I simply haven't felt motivated to get done. Perhaps I've spent too much time glorified in my achievements to put forth the effort to continue the quest, whatever that may be. But in the last week, I've managed to redo, almost from scratch, what I've spent the last 4 years working on. Would I to concentrate my efforts that much all the time, imagine what could be accomplished. And I think I will. All those "it would be cool if..." things, will get done. I'm going to shave down that projects list. Its there for a reason. Not to show off the ideas that stagnate in my mind, but the things to work on each and every day.