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Testing cam

September 06, 2010 22:15

As a few of you no doubt noticed, there's a new cam on the site called testing121. Currently it's pointing down looking at the desk in the back of the office, but I've tried it out in several different locations. This is a wireless IPcam that I'm testing out. So far, it works well enough on the network, and it's certainly portable, but the image quality leaves a bit to be desired. It almost appears, even in 320x240 mode, that the image is just scaled up from 160x120. However, it will create mpeg4 videos with audio, so combined with a network cam interface such as splitcam, it might make for a useful mobile multimedia source, even if the quality sucks.

I'm going to try to get my hands on a few more IPcams and see if I can't find something reasonable and relatively inexpensive.