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Find me some of these

September 02, 2010 18:24

This is a pre-manufactured prototype pc-board that has a layout similar to a breadboard, but obviously for soldering instead. Radio shack sells a similar board here, but this is far too small for my purposes. The one I'm interested in looks just like the picture, as I'm going to use it for creating a LED matrix. However, I can't seem to find any. The place I purchased them from before (Tanner Electronics) didn't have any in stock the last time I was there, and they apparently had them either custom made or custom labeled. In any event, I've had no luck finding anything similar online. Just for kicks, I decided to create one using pcb prototype software and submit it for a cost analysis to see if I could get it custom made in small quantities, but with all of the holes, it appears it will cost about $20 per board, even in huge quantities. Since I only paid $5 apiece for these, that's not gonna fly.

I have a few options. I'll try to run another cost test on the boards using ONLY the holes that are needed, and in fact develop the board to have the exact trace requirements although I suspect it will still be more expensive for the small run I'm looking at (likely no more than 8) and I can't reuse the boards for something else. I can use perfboard that has plated holes but no traces, but that will require a lot of timeconsuming wiring that the traces would mostly eliminate. I could also use veroboard which has the unbroken rows of traces, and do some strategic cutting where required.

Still, the ultimate choice would be to find exactly what I'm currently looking for. My searching so far has been unsuccessful, so I turn to you as a last resort. A cool site project will result from the effort.