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The Fifth Week

February 01, 2009 17:19

Most of the updates this week have been to the administration side and other background functions that aren't immediately obvious. I've also added a number of new sound effects for various site activities, but once again, that mostly happens over here and unless you're listening, you're not going to notice anyway.

Work continues on other projects still. I'm continuing to work on the server stub and I'm discovering that an object oriented approch would make the whole thing cleaner. I'm not likely to apply it at this point to the current projects, I've got way too much to redo if that were the case, but it's something to consider for the future.

I've got a Davis Weather Monitor II here that has nothing hooked up to it, but it can display the internal temperature. I'll need to add sensor support to lampmaster so I can feed the temperature data back to the server. I need to do this anwyay for sensor information from the critter, but I'm holding off on any additional structure changes until the server stub is complete.

I've spent some time playing with Visual Studio 2008. I've attempted to load some projects from previous versions, such as the source for Dorgem and Webcam 2k. Both of these have successfully compiled and run on previous versions, so I know the code is intact, but Microsoft's lack of backward compatibility in this regard is... annoying at best. I'm sure I've griped about it before, but this bugs me. Anyway, I'm probably going to code my own webcam server from scratch, specifically one that can make a connection to a relay server, in addition to accepting incoming connections like the typical webcam server does. I'll go ahead and integrate lampmaster functionality within it at the same time. If it's extremely easy to implement, we will likely get more cams on the site. There are plenty of people that lose interest before they're able to get one up and running. Firewalls and port forwarding is a common obstacle, and one that is difficult to diagnose and solve from the outside. With a simple software package in place, I might consider selling DMI packs, a kit including a cam and some lamp controllers of some type that can work out of the box. I will likely GPL any released project.