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Fourth Week

January 25, 2009 16:36

Well, I worked on quite a bit this week. Not anything that I really PLANNED to work on mind you, but quite a bit.

The news page and top referer page have RSS feeds now. There are a few new icons on the page, replacements for old ones that had been there since the dawn of time. I've fixed a number of annoying bugs that had persisted for a while. I also added a bunch of sound effects to other site activities, and I have a bunch more to add in the near future.

Due to the gradually increasing traffic, the overhaul of the database is becoming a top priority. Lampmaster is becoming a major bottleneck due to its socketqueue design instead of a multithreaded one. If any part of a routine blocks or hangs, it will hold up the whole program. So, getting that updated is becoming extremely important. HOWEVER, I first need to get the main serverstub complete. While all of the actions are functional, I still need to run it through some more tests, and I'd like to export as much of the functionality as possible to a library that can be easily used by all the programs, instead of copying the entire program itself and making individual modifications. That would also make changes to one program automatically update in all the others.

My concern here is that I'm trying to design a standard protocol for the passing of data between the various database programs. I want them all to use the same format for everything, from individual queries to loadbalance server updates. I want to be able to make the individual server programs as simple as possible and draw as much as possible from a standard database of functions. Since I have about 20 different new databases I need to create, to convert from various other database systems and flat files, and many more on the horizon, I want to be able to create a new server and client interface and have it operational in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the time spent up front on this is worth it, but it's not sexy, it's boring, and nobody notices the progress, so it tends to not get the effort that it requires. But it's absolutely necessary so I need to shift my focus, and soon.

So, my primary project for this week will be to get the serverstub finished and functional, and hopefully streamlined so it's as portable as possible over multiple applications. Keep adding things to the projects page, I'll pick up on a few of those when I get tired of the server programming.