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It Screams Again

January 10, 2009 14:18

The scream machine is now up and running again. I now have a 4th server is the cabinet. As ELSD|MyUglyAdmin had recommended and I had already discovered, the CPU fan had a tremendous amount of caked dust caught under the fan blades which pretty much prevented any airflow. I carved the dust boogers out with a screwdriver and blew out the smaller bits, resulting in a pile of gunk that any belly-button lint collector would be proud of. No, I didn't save it or take a picture. My bad. I only just now thought of that. Too late.

Anyways, the cpu now hovers at a comfortable 40C so there's no more worries about overheating. Although the initial plan was to completely replace Nova, I have decided to instead have the 4th server running and I'll slowly move over all storage and functionality to the new one. Once that's done and Nova is no longer in use, I'll remove it from service and leave Amadeus (the new server) in its place. I DID design the cabinet to hold 6 servers.... well, 9 actually, but 3 of the positions are taken up by the laser printer. However, since I didn't put this contraption on wheels, I have to actually drag it to do any changes to the wiring. This is something I'll definitely have to consider for the next incarnation of the cabinet. Assuming the cabinet will be a permanant structure, and at least one side will be facing a wall, I'll still need to be able to access the back side of it. Somehow. Oh well, crisis for another day.

Doing a bit more research, what I thought was a PIC programmer wasn't a programmer, just a device that uses a PIC. However, I DO have the PIC still, so I need to build a programmer. Today, I'm going to work on some other site programming. Not sure what yet.