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Progress.... Sort of

January 08, 2009 08:49

I'm still working on reconfiguring my old nt box to use for the Nova replacement. First off, I wanted to be sure I got everything off of it that I wanted to save. There are two HD's in there, and since I had a C drive and E drive on that computer, I mistakenly believed that the second drive was the E drive. So I cleaned off the E drive, moved everyting to the server(s) that I wanted to save, and then tried to install FC10 to the second drive, but it kept responding that the disk was only 6 gigs, which was extremely odd since I had at least 40 gigs of stuff on there. So I figure the OS must be flaky, so I try to install Redhat Enterprise 5 instead. I'm using that on the main server, so it'd be nice to have a local system that is running the same platform. It ALSO thinks the drive is only 6 gigs. Eventually I figure out that C and E were two partitions on the same drive. So I go through and make sure everything is saved off the C drive as well, and format and prepare to install FC10 (yup... bounced back), only it wouldn't initialize my network card (internal onboard) even though it recognized it. I switch back to RHEL5 and it DID recognize it, so I went ahead and completed the install. That only took 3 days.

HOWEVER. It's all installed, it's running... and the cpu temp is slowly creeping up. like 1 degree every 10 minutes or so... but it adds up and after running for a few hours, it gets up to the 90C range and starts whining about it. Eventually it shuts down. Well, that's a bummer. The CPU fan IS working... spinning at 4000+ rpms, or so says the hardware monitor, but it IS getting awfully warm, so I'm going to try to dream up a CPU fan I can use on it that might work a little better.

We've gotten several new people and cams over the last few days, so everyone check out Bombert, Marie, Polk, and Trainman45. The old guy on that last cam doesn't talk back. We've also had some old regulars return, so be sure to also check out Squeaks, jotdot, ADUK and Niek. Several people now have controllable devices too, so things are looking up.