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2 Weeks Later

September 17, 2004 15:47

After getting the letter, I started searching for a new place to live. Since I had already paid through the end of the month, I figured I might as well stick it out until then. My plan was to then leave at the end of the month. So basically May turned into a search for a new residence. Two weeks later, wes comes to talk to me for the first time since he handed me the letter. Asked if I wanted to buy his house. Now, all other things aside, assuming his loan would be the easiest way to end up with a house of my own, although not necessarily the best. However, Gertie and I agreed that place would work out well for us, so we basically quit looking.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Cari posts a rather slanderous chat log in her livejournal about us, although I didn't discover it until a month later.
EDIT: I had a link to the log posted here, along with a backup link, but since she now is no longer posting that slander to the world, I'll remove the link as well.