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The Letter

September 07, 2004 15:02

On May 1st, at about 1 am, Wes gave me a letter. I don't have a copy with me or I'd type the whole thing in. It was two pages. First one an explanation of what the letter is for, a reassurance that it's nothing bad, just that some things needed to be written out. The second page is a list of new rules. Most of them are no big deal. No cams in their part of the house, use the garage or my patio door to come and go so I don't bother them, don't check their caller ID, close my door at night if I'm gonna play loud music. Stuff like that. Then the last item on the list....

Gertie is no longer welcome. Ever. The reason for this? She's too happy. And despite Cari's constant initiation of contact with us, we apparently bother her too much. Her sunny personality is in conflict with theirs, and so now she's no longer allowed over. This is in spite of the fact that they both invited her over, and waited until the day she was going to move up here, AFTER she quit her job, AFTER she made all the arrangements to move.

Needless to say, we were both rather confused by this. I talk with her about it and we debate what we should do about it. We finally decide to spend the month looking for our own place and I'd just leave at the end of the month. I'd already paid rent up until the end of may almost a month ahead of time, and I seriously doubt I would have been able to get that back on a moments notice, so there wasn't much point of leaving immediately.

More to come.