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August 09, 2004 21:39

Yes, part 2 is coming soon. But not yet :)

The new server is off and running nicely, although there have been some glitches along the way. The most recent glitch is still an issue, but I've discovered the cause at least. Just need to get it fixed and the server will stop locking up for hours at a time.

Gertie now has a cam of her own. Please go harrass her frequently.

I've added cam schedules to the webcam management page so those of you who have cams can perform certain activities on the cam at scheduled times. Useful if you want to make sure it turns off at night or something.

The primary cam harvester has been updated. It will no longer pause if someone leaves their cam activated, and if they don't deactivate it or return within several minutes, it will deactivate automatically. Now that it hits individual cams at the specified rate, the cache is much more effective.

I'm going to implement a number of database upgrades in the near future. This will give me a number of new variables I can work with, and make both yours and my life easier. Some of the new features I'll be able to implement:

- directable webpage messages that can go somewhere other than the chatroom.
- Forced cache and auto cache will let people control when the cam image comes from the website and when it comes directly from the host. Cache is slower, but requires a lot less bandwidth for the cam host.
- Music control. Currently, those who have this capability are beneifiaries of hardcoding.
- Automated Phone taps. Right now it's always on. I'm working on the circuitry to detect the phone online and bring the link up only then. This will be available to anyone with the proper hardware.
- Visitors will be able to specify their own webpage types in the visitors fields.
- Cams will have a different ranking scheme. Currently it's in the order they were added to the database.

and plenty of other features, mostly which will not have any noticable effect from the site itself but will make other features possible in the future.

When I get things ironed out on the server, I'm going to consider working on a windows program based on webcam2000 that will provide a single program that will serve both the webcam and also have built in support for x10 and parallel port controlled appliances, so the windows users will be able to interface these devices to the site if they wish. I will probably then sell simple kits to get people online with this stuff if they dont' want to scour the internet and electronics stores looking for it themselves.

And I'll get going on part 2, I promise. :)