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The Last Mile

July 26, 2004 02:19

This is my last week for living in this house. Saturday will be my last day, although I suspect I'll be mostly moved out before that. My plans are to find a local storage facility, get a 10x15 unit and just stuff everything I don't need immedately in there, and other than the computers, that accounts for just about, well, everything.

Paul pondered some promising potential prospect properties in Princeton. It's this rural area that's still close enough to Dallas, but far enough away that all the negatives, and a great many of the benefits that living in a large city would provide, are simply not there. But who needs broadband and sewer service anyway? There is a wireless ISP in the area that covers most of the properties we're looking at, and they'll be able to provide me everything I need as far as bandwidth goes, so no crisis there. Civilization can be damned, so long as I have my internet. I temporarily got all excited about these wonderful mobile homes on acre plots. Then I remembered that I don't like mobile homes, even though I couldn't remember exactly why when I glanced in at the huge home that's extremely cheap and available right now... and all I'd have to do is go buy it... and I wouldn't have to live with my parents...

Then Gertie gave me the 3rd degree... or is it the 5th degree... who cares, someone was heated about it. Mobile homes are cheap for a reason. They're cheap. Price is only one factor. Certainly, it would probably be more cost effective than paying rent. And in the right circumstances, it would probably work out fine. But despite the available land, the chances of building a conventional home on that property and getting a worthwhile value out of it would be insubstantial.

There's also this small 2 bedroom house, which just so happens to be 2 stories and larger than most of the 3 bedroom homes we've been looking at recently. It also has a view of the lake. And I mean a VIEW of the lake, not "See that there crik down there? Well, that there crik will done trickle down to tha river...", no, you see the lake. it's lake front... well, unless you count the road and the land between the road and the lake, but it's there. Nevermind. we'll get pictures as soon as we get out there. It claims to be a handyman special. Some work is required. That means it's probably missing all appliances, most of the walls, and mold that has mutated into a new lifeform, subject under provisions of the endangered species act, meaning we wouldn't be able to remove it, only live in harmony with it, as it slowly munched away. Or maybe it just needs some paint. Pictures will be forthcoming.

To tide you over until then, here's a picture of Gertie. I considered posting a picture from the other side, but I actually want to survive the night.

Early this week I'll start moving the site off this network to a hosted server... somewhere else. Despite what happens with me in the near future, the site will not be out of operation during the process.