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July 24, 2004 02:42

Well, the house we looked at is currently in negotiations. The bank wants more than the winning bidder put up, so they're hashing it out. If they can't come to an agreement, it'll go back on the market and I'll find out how much the winning bid was. I won't go over $25K for it, but that's neither here nor there right now.

We've scouted out a dozen other houses, none quiet that cheap, but still affordable. Mostly 3 bedroom houses on a lot large enough to allow for additions. Some are BINOP's, some are manufactured. One happens to be literally right down the street from where I am now. We'll be taking pictures of some of the more likely prospects tomorrow and keep ya'll posted.

One way or another, I'm moving out of here by the 1st of August. I'll be moving the primary system to a hosted server at that point and I'll probably be temporarily living with my parents again, unless by some miracle we find a house and are able to move in by then. However, the horrid bandwidth crisis I had the last time I was there will be alleviated. With the site itself, along with the IRC server on a decent network, I won't have to contend with trying to squeeze all that traffic through a miniscule pipe. They finally brought cable to my parents neighborhood, and while it's still rather weak as broadband goes, it's much better than ISDN was. I'll put a few cams up there, but I've got the site decentralized enough that my cams aren't absolutely vital to the operation anymore.