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December 29, 2003 21:28

There will be a New Years Eve party here in a couple days. I'll leave it up to you to guess which day. :)

Likely to be at least a few extra people around, and a few extra cams set up for the occasion. If anyone else wants their cams on the site for that day, contact me BEFORE wednesday and let me walk you through the configuration. I will NOT have any time for it on Wednesday.

I'm still trying to get another computer built. I've narrowed the problem down to either the CPU or the power supply. I'll go to Fry's tomorrow and get a replacement for each, then come back and attempt to rebuild it. HOPEFULLY this will solve the problem. If so, I'll end up with almost enough parts for a second computer, assuming the problem is something cheap to fix. Ugh.. too tired to think tonight.