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Respect, and a lack there of

December 24, 2003 16:30

A few points of notice for those who might not have a firm grasp on the obvious:

1. The world is not out to get you. If you constantly find conspiracies where none exist, you won't be taken seriously when there's a real problem.

2. I will turn away a good friend for wrongly harrasing someone I hate. Nobody is exempt from acting like a civilized human being.

3. If you screw up, you will likely be warned. In some cases, I have warned people on multiple occasions. These warnings are important. They mean if the behavior continues, the results will get more severe.

4. There is no excuse that justifies acting uncivilized. Any attempt to make excuses for it will only hinder your position. I'm much more likely to accept a sincere apology that makes no excuses rather than hours of childish whining.

5. If you're asked to leave, LEAVE. Don't make a scene. I can't stay mad if I don't remember what you did. But if you make a scene, I'll never forget.

6. Telling people whom I live with that I will destroy their property will NOT bring you back into my favor.

As for calling us suckers, you might be right. After all, we once thought you were a decent person. What fools WE were.